EDD systems can be configured in a variety of configurations to meet environmental clients needs, but at its core - the EDD systems monitor and control turbid stormwater run-off by sampling and dosing the optimal dose of C4E proprietary environmental treatment flocculants proportional to the gravity driven flow of stormwater.  High quality water without the expenses of filtration equipment.

​C4E Environmental has partnered with Green1 Technologies to bring advanced stormwater and dust control technologies to the Americas.  Green 1 is superior automated monitoring and environmental controls,  which is perfectly coupled with C4E's environmental treatment chemistries and application knowledge.

Environmental compliance, process optimization and energy management services

Auto Dust Suppressor (ADS) 

ADS units automatically suppress dust before it becomes a problem or violation

Electronic Dosing Device (EDD) 

Inline Dosing Device (IDD) 

C4E Environmental's chemistry formulas for environmental applications are engineered to provide the best results at the lowest cost of treatment.  Formulas have undergone significant research & testing that includes 3rd party aquatic toxicity.  Providing clients the comfort in knowing that great chemistries optimized and dosed properly have ZERO aquatic toxicity and ensures compliance with environmental regulations.

ADS systems are the next level of innovation in the dust control industry.  Hydroseeding, straw mulching and salt based soil stabilization technologies can be good BMP, but for sites that are actively developing 75%+ of the site in dry or seasonal dry climates, those technologies may not be an option.  Companies that run water trucks continuously to in maintaining dust understand not only the actual cost of spraying water, but also the poor efficiency in water usage.  In desert climates, water is a precious commodity and waste massive amount of water on temporary results is EXPENSIVE!  ADS systems utilizing C4E Chemistries &/or micro particle nozzle systems can reduce water consumption by 80% while still maintaining air quality requirements. 

IDD systems allow for treatment when turbid water has to be pumped.  Contaminated groundwater, stormwater collected near building foundation, linear projects that need to pump site stormwater to treatment basin all can utilize the smart technology of the IDD system.  Even intermittent flow from submersible pumps can properly & accurately be dosed with effective flocculant prior to settling or dewatering areas.  Everything is automatic without massive labor force needed in operation of Active Treatment Systems (ATS) or (CESF).

High quality water at a fraction of the total cost of operating mechanical filtration systems.

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