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C4E presented at the inaugural CIEESSA symposium on recreational water health and safety for Latin America in June 2017.

Water Efficiency & Recycle/Reuse – lessons learned from industrial operations applied to recreational water

C4E's experience in a wide array of industries, all with unique challenges to solve, yet all with a common goal of protecting our natural resources.  Our designs seek to create optimal form and function with the humble knowledge that perfection is unattainable.  We love the beauty of God's natural designs and know that mankind should try to follow in the path of those perfect models.

Environmental compliance, process optimization and energy management services

What we do

We offer consulting services on environmental compliance, energy and operational efficiency. We have partner relationships with manufacturers we know to provide quality solutions.

Our Mission

At C4E Environmental, we strive to give clients the best options for their business with the focus on being as green as possible while understanding that companies need to remain competitive.  As Christ leads us, so we guide our clients and it is by those principles we live. 

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C4E Environmental Core

We specialize in environmental compliance for commercial, industrial and energy sector clients.  Permit writing, SWPPP design and consulting, treatment system design/training/operation and other multi-faceted elements to achieving clients environmental goals and obligations.  20+ years of treating water in wide variety of industries to the most exacting standards, all done in the most economical ways available.  Saving green $$$, while being Green!!!

C4E now offers energy auditing as part of our commitment to helping companies save money with the best available technologies.  Green energy, innovative technologies and a commitment to being good steward & responsible corporate actors no longer has to be at odds with profitability.